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I have spent most of my working life as a social researcher studying how other people live their lives and what makes life good. My research has resonated with the public’s thirst for knowledge about how to live a more balanced life and I have been interviewed for newspaper, magazine and radio. Publications include book chapters, reports, conference presentations, and more than thirty peer reviewed academic papers in the fields of psychology, sociology, public health, medicine, work and family, and community development. SOCIAL RESEARCH – FULL LIST OF WRITING OUTPUTS   REFEREED JOURNAL ARTICLES Lord SR, Ward JA, Williams P, Anstey K. An epidemiological study of falls in older community-dwelling women: the Randwick falls and fractures study. Australian Journal of Public Health 1993;17:240-245. Lord SR, Mitchel D, Williams P. Effect of water exercise on balance and related factors in older people. Australian Journal of Physiotherapy 1993;39:217-222. Ward JA, Lord SR, Williams P, Anstey K. Hearing impairment and hearing aid use in women over 65 years of age. Cross-sectional study of women in a large urban community. Medical Journal of Australia 1993;159:382-384. Lord SR, Ward JA, Williams P, Anstey K. Physiological factors associated with falls in older community-dwelling women. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 1994;42:1110-1117. Lord SR, Anstey K, … Continue Reading ››


Published by Affirm Press in April 2017

Pip and Shannon dreamed of living the good life. 

They wanted to slow down, grow their own food and spend more time with the people they love. But jobs and responsibilities got in the way: their chooks died, their fruit rotted, and Pip ended up depressed and in therapy. So they did the only reasonable thing – they quit their jobs, pulled the children out of school and went searching for la dolce vita in Italy.

One Italian Summer is a warm, funny and poignant story of a family’s search for a better way of living, in the homes and on the farms of strangers. Pip sleeps in a tool shed, feasts under a Tuscan sun, works like a tractor in Calabria and, eventually, finds the good life she’s always dreamed of – though not at all where she expected.


Time poverty is a problem for many Australian households and work is the main culprit. Australians start work young, and we are working more, and longer into old age. While maximising our productivity and enhancing our professional skills, we must also raise our children well, care for our aged, be involved in our community and shrink our carbon footprint – a footprint shaped by the patterns and habits of our work, social obligations and households. What is it costing Australians to try and do it all? And what is it costing our families and communities? Incisive and thought-provoking, Time Bomb throws light on poor urban planning, workplace laws and practices, care obligations and other issues that rob us of time and put our households under pressure. And it looks at how work affects our response to the greatest concern of our time – our environmental challenges. Link to publisher's web site